Monday, October 15, 2007


This documentary, The ABCs of DADA, was shown in my high school senior art class randomly one day. It blew my mind, my jaw feel from my skull and I watched with awe and wonder. My narrow-minded peers were annoyed and ignored the video, many slept--how, I am not sure. I never seen anything like this before that monumental day, my instructor wanted to play something to keep us busy while she graded, read, and/or to just keep us quiet. I also would like to add, there was little discussion or lecture over art history, except the more popular movements: Surrealism, Renaissance, Impressionism, PopArt, and anything documented in the World History class. I asked for a copy of the video but forgot my teacher's email address, but thanks to the magic of youtube--we can enjoy the video anytime we wish to stream.

ABCs of DADA part one

ABCs of DADA part two

ABCs of DADA part three

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